Terms and Conditions:

These terms and conditions apply to your purchase from us via this website. By registering and using this site you acknowledge that you are aware of these terms and by making a purchase you are bound by and accept these terms and conditions.

• Customer: a person who orders products from our website
• Products: anything listed on our site
• Seller: includes Sunny Savings and any other vendors listed and selling products on this site

As a customer, you are paying for the seller to collect, sort, clip and ship money saving coupons to you. You are not paying for the coupons.

All pricing on the site is set in US dollars. Taxes are the responsibility of the seller.

All prices and lot sizes are determined by each seller/vendor. Please read all product descriptions before ordering.

There is no minimum order amount required to purchase, and there are no administrative fees or shipping tacked on to your order in the shopping cart.

Shipping is via USPS First Class mail, and is free, no additional cost to customers. Expected delivery will be between 3-7 days, depending on the USPS. This does not include tracking, and sellers are at the mercy of the USPS once items are delivered to the Post Office.

Due to coupons being time sensitive, we CANNOT refund, return or exchange coupons. We are NOT responsible for USPS delivery delays, lost, stolen or damaged mail.

Please make sure your delivery address is correct, so seller can provide the most accurate service to the customer. If it is our mistake we will gladly address and resolve the situation. If it is the mistake of the customer, additional fees may be required to reship products.

Once a customer places an order, seller cannot add to the order, although a new order may be placed for additional products. These may sometimes be shipped together depending on the time between orders.

Sellers ship Monday through Saturday. All order placed before 1 pm EST will be shipped the same day, with the exclusions of Sunday and Holidays.

Customers please make sure of what coupon you are ordering. All expiration date of the coupons will be in the title. Please allow at least 3-7 days for delivery, so order sooner rather than later to make sure they arrive to you in time for your sale or the coupon expiration date.

Payment for items should be in the form of PayPal

There will be no pre-orders sold. All products are in hand at the time of listing.

Vendor Terms:

You must have a Paypal account attached to your shop for payment. Each order payment will go instantly and directly to your Paypal account.

No listing pre-order coupons, all items MUST be in hand when listed.

You agree to ship out orders daily (Mon-Sat) and mark shipped.

Only Original / Genuine coupons allowed to be listed. Coupon related accessories are allowed, as are coupon grab bags.

NOT allowed: Internet prints, links to internet prints, digital downloads, counterfeit coupons, chance listings, or other illegal items.

Seller may set their own lot size and pricing. Seller is responsible for shipping costs associated with sending orders. Please price your products accordingly.
Vendor fees will be .25 per sold listing. This will be deducted from each sale at the same time as you receive your payment for said order via PayPal Parallel Gateway.

NOTE: Please see our Seller Prerequisites page for important information about registering the proper PayPal account for use on Sunny Savings.

Images should be added to each listing. Please keep these under 500 x 500 pixels

Admin reserves the right to delete expired listings. Please keep your listings updated and current. All product titles should be uniform, and products listed in the correct categories.

Sellers are responsible for their own local/federal taxes and/or licensing fees, including Paypal and shipping fees.