Seller PayPal Accounts

Due to our parallel payment gateway system all of our sellers should register for a special PayPal micropayments enabled account. It's easy to do and can save you a lot of money when accepting smaller payments such as the transactions for your coupon clipping services. You get paid instantly every time you make a sale (less the $.25 transaction fee per sale item that is automatically deducted by Sunny Savings) and with a PayPal micropayments enabled account you don't get charged the regular fees and rates that are normally charged for PayPal purchase payments. On average you'll be saving $.35 per transaction or more!

Overall it makes it easier for us to get you paid for your services and it saves us all of the headaches involved in maintaining a manual payment system - it's a win-win situation for everyone!

Here's how to get this done:

  1. Register for a new PayPal Business Account. Set it up for digital goods sales.
  2. Link your bank account (you can use the same one you have for your regular macropayments account if you wish).
  3. Login to PayPal, go to the contact page (keep going until you get to the page with the phone number).
  4. Along with the contact number you'll also be provided with a 6 digit number that identifies you to PayPal to shorten your call time.
  5. Contact PayPal Support, provide them the 6 digit number from the contact page and request that customer service convert your account to a micropayment enabled account for digital goods sales.
  6. That's It!

It should take 24-48 hours for your account to be enabled but once it is you are ready to set up shop here at Sunny Savings - you'll just be paying a lot less for the privelege!

Questions, comments or any support issues can be sent to