Frequently Asked Questions and Understanding our listings.

  • You are paying for a service.  Our costs associated with locating, clipping, and shipping the coupons to you.  You're paying for the service, the coupons are free.  

  • You are paying for If you are having trouble adding items to your cart, please click your name at the top left, and make sure you are logged in, even if you have just created your account.  This is the main problem customers have had when trying to order.  You must be logged in to order, and your name should show at the top right of the page.

  • When making payment, please make sure that your shipping address is correct, both on our site and at paypal.  If it is different there have been cases where the payment did not go through.  If the payment doesn't go through, we don't get your order and your coupons are delayed.

  • No, there are no additional administrative or shipping charges added to your order.  The amount in the cart is what you pay, always.

Understanding our listings

Here is a sample listing:

$2/1 Kraft Mayo 20oz+  (12/31/16) Lot of 10 DND

  • $2/1 means the coupon is $2.00 off one item

  • Kraft Mayo - what the coupon is for

  • 20 oz+  - if there is a size restriction printed on the coupon, this one means you must buy bottles 20 oz or larger

  • (12/31/16)  - this is the expiration date of the coupon

  • Lot of 10  - How many coupons you will receive when you purchase 1 lot.  In this case you will receive 10 of the Kraft mayo $2.00 coupons

  • DND - Do not double, some coupons you can double, depending on what your grocery store offers. These coupons do not double, even if your store allows it.

In the description section are any other restrictions that are printed on the coupon.  Examples are:

  • Excludes trial size - only regular sized items are allowed to be bought using the coupon

  • Size restrictions - sometimes specific sizes are excluded. These will be shown here.

  • Valid in USA only - some coupons can be used in other countries.

  • Limit 2 coupons per shopping trip - you can buy two of the items, and use two coupons

  • Limit one coupon per transaction - you can only use one coupon in the transaction, even if you buy two alike items. This does not mean you cannot use coupons for OTHER items in the same transaction.

Why should I buy clipped coupons?

Buying multiple newspapers is costly, even at the dollar stores.  Buying clipped coupons ensures that you're getting only the coupons you need/want, generally at a much lower price than buying dozens of newspapers. Not to mention the extra recycling trash.